Photo Section

Photo Section
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The Photo Section maintains a collection of whatever photographs can be found concerning Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba, and a large collection of other photographs of India’s Freedom Movement. It has a full-fledged Manual and Digital photo printing, lamination and mounting facilities. It supplies photographs in various sizes on order, for non-commercial purposes, at nominal charges. Services Section


A summary of the catalogue of available photographs is given below:

Group Description

No. of Photographs

A Mahatma Gandhi : EARLY PHASE  (1869-1893) 22
B Mahatma Gandhi : South Africa Phase (1893-1914)    1-42     44-91 138-168 168
C Mahatma Gandhi : Sabarmati Phase (1915-1931)
(C1)  Pre-Salt Satyagraha Period (1915- 1930)
(C2) Salt Satyagraha   (1930-1931)
D Mahatma Gandhi : Sevagram Phase (1932- May 1944)
(D1)   Pre-Sevagram Ashram Period (1932-1935)
(D2)  Sevagram Ashram Period (1936 – July 1942)
(D3) Quit India Movement (August 1942 – May 1944)
E Mahatma Gandhi : Last Phase (May 1944 onwards)
(E1) Period after Release from Imprisonment in Aga
Khan Palace (May 1944 – Oct. 1946)
(E2) Noakhali-Bihar-Calcutta Period (Oct. 1946 – Sept. 1947)
(E3) Last Days in Delhi (Sept. 1947 till the end)
F Kasturba Gandhi & other Family Members 53
G Other Photos relating to Mahatma Gandhi 208
H Other Leaders of Freedom Movement (Abdul Ghaffar Khan, C. F. Andrews, Jawaharlal Nehru, Jayaprakash Narayan, Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Vinoba Bhave & others) 784
I Other Photos of Freedom Movement 130
J Photos concerning the Museum 494
K Write – ups 1313
L Other Photographs(Leo Tolstoy & Miscellaneous Photographs) 901


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