Audio Visual section

Audio-Visual Section
The Audio Visual section maintains a large collection of audio-visual tapes, records, CDs, DVDs, and films related to Mahatma Gandhi & Freedom Movement, as categorised below:-


Group A: Post-Prayer Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi — These speeches were delivered by Mahatma Gandhi in Birla House (now ‘Gandhi Smriti’) and Harijan Colony in Delhi and in other places from 11th. May, 1947 to 29th January, 1948. The total duration of recorded speeches is 47 hours. These are in Hindi except two (S. No. 154 & 155), which are in English.
Group B: Tributes or Reminiscences— Contains recordings of the tributes paid to Mahatma Gandhi by prominent personalities of the world. The total duration of recordings is 88 hours. These are in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Bengali and other Indian regional languages.
Group C: Patriotic Songs and Bhajans (Hymns)  These are in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. The total duration of recordings is 45 hours.
Group D: Speeches of other Leaders of Freedom Movement — These speeches were delivered by Pandit Nehru, Netaji Subhas Bose and others.Total duration of recordings is 4.30 hours. These are in Hindi, English and Bengali.


Films — There are 137 films on Mahatma Gandhi and others. Most of the films are in Hindi & English, while a few are in Gujarati, Marathi & Urdu. The total duration of these films is 174 hours.The Museum has a 75-seat Auditorium in which free film shows are exhibited on Saturdays & Sundays (4 to 5 p.m.). Free film shows are also arranged on request in the Museum Auditorium or outside in Delhi.Copies of films , tapes , CDs & DVDs are supplied for specific (non-commercial) use on request at nominal service charges. Note:- Click on the links below to view the Audio- Visual Catalogue Post-prayer Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi Tributes-or-Reminiscences Patriotic Songs and Bhajans(Hymns) Speeches of other Leaders of Freedom Movement >Voice of Gandhi