Photographic Gallery

Photographic Gallery
  • Nearly 285 photographs of Mahatma Gandhi in a chronological order, divided under ten phases, with write-ups for each phase–from childhood upto his final arrival in Delhi in 1947.
  • The walking stick used by Mahatma Gandhi for the Salt March from 12 March to 5 April, 1930.
  • Relics of Mahatma Gandhi (items of personal use, books, microscope used by him to study leprosy germs, rosary, pens, three wise monkeys of Bapu, sandals, watches etc.)
  • Family tree of Mahatma Gandhi, upto great-grand children.
  • Replica of a typical living room of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Khadi ‘Sari’ presented by Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba to Indira Gandhi on her marriage in 1942.
  • Mahatma Gandhi as BAPU (‘Father’): Sculpture by Ram Suttar.
  • Two historical flags (one used by Gandhiji in South Africa, and the second blessed by Gandhiji for being hoisted in an international sports meet by Shri Janki Dass).
  • Membership badge of the Vegetarian Society, London, used by Gandhiji.
  • Medals given to Gandhiji including the historic silver medals given for organizing Indian Medical Corps in Boer War and Zulu Rebellion in South Africa.