Entrance Gallery

Entrance Gallery
  • Gandhiji’s ‘Talisman’, ‘India of My Dreams’ and other quotations.
  • A large-scale ‘Satyagraha’ motif–an enlargement of the ‘woodcut’ by Willemia Muller Ogterop.
  • Six hand telephones in which visitors can listen to Gandhiji’s recorded speeches in Hindi and English.
  • Gandhiji nursing Parchure Shastri (who had contracted leprosy) in Sevagram Ashram.
  • Photographs, and Sculpture pieces.
  • Lakhs of rupees from a handful of people did not build the Gandhi Memorial Museum. To mark their memories of Mahatma Gandhi, lakhs of people donated small amounts out of their small earnings to make innumerable contributions to the Gandhi Memorial Trust. Several people observed fasts and austerities to make little savings, which they then donated for this cause.The coins displayed here bear testimony to the devotion of those lakhs of people who are unnamed. The National Gandhi Museum honours their memory and repeats its resolve to work in their spirit, to the best of its abilities.