Commemorative Gallery

Commemorative Gallery
  • Items of clothing and bedding used by Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba.
  • Improvised miniature flag hoisted by Gandhiji in Aga Khan Palace Jail on 26th January, 1943, the’Independence’ day.
  • Photographs of Gandhiji’s last days in Birla House, New Delhi, his assassination and cremation.
  • Samples of currency notes and coins with Gandhiji’s figures on them.
  • Stamps and first day covers issued by 72 countries on Gandhiji.
  • A rich collection of Stamps on Gandhiji issued by the Indian government from time to time.
  • Scrolls giving homages by General Chiang Kai Shek, and by Jai-Chi-Ta, the Chinese poet, and eight bound volumes containing homages by members of the Chinese Government and representative organizations after Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.
  • A copy of a four page letter written by Gurudev Tagore to Gandhiji.
  • Some of the public addresses received by Gandhiji.
  • Clothes used by Gandhiji on the last day of his life in Birla House (Gandhi Smriti). A model of the railway coach in which the urn was taken from Delhi to Allahabad.
  • Gandhiji’s write-up regarding restructuring of the Congress Party written on 29 January 1948.
  • Other miscellaneous items.