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10451An Autobiography or the Story of My Experiments with Truth (Deluxe)M. K. Gandhi250
22 An Autobiography or the Story of my Experiments with Truth (Popular)M.K.Gandhi60
33Gandhiji`s Autobiography (Abridged)M.K.Gandhi , B. Kumarappa (Abri.)15
44An Abridgemet of An Autobiography or My Experiments With Truth (NOT IN STOCK)M.K.Gandhi , Varsha Das (Abri.)128
55All Men Are Brothers: Life and Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi M.K. Gandhi , K. Kripalani (Compiled)40
66The Bhagvad GitaM.K.Gandhi240
77Constructive Programme: Its Meaning and PlaceM.K.Gandhi10
88Character and Nation BuildingM.K.Gandhi7
99Congress and Its FutureM.K.Gandhi2
1010Discourses on the GitaM.K.Gandhi5
1111Diet and Diet ReformM.K Gandhi 40
1212The Essence of HinduismM.K.Gandhi60
1414From Yervada MandirM.K.Gandhi10
1515Gandhiji's Life in his own WordsM.K.Gandhi ,K. Kripalani (Compiled)15
1616Gandhi Expects M.K.Gandhi , H.M.Vyas (Compiled)50
1717Hind Swaraj or The Indian Home RuleM.K.Gandhi15
1818Hindu DharmaM.K.Gandhi195
1919India of My DreamsM.K.Gandhi , R.K.Prabhu (Compiled)50
2020Industrial and Agrarian Life and Relations M.K.Gandhi , V.B.Kher (Compiled)45
2121Key to HealthM.K.Gandhi , Sushila Nayar (Translated)10
2222Mohan-Mala : A Gandhian RosaryM.K.Gandhi , R.K.Prabhu (Compiled)25
2323My ReligionM.K.Gandhi , B. Kumarappa (Compiled)40
2424My GodM.K.Gandhi5
2525Nature CureM.K.Gandhi , B. Kumarappa (Compiled)15
2625PrayerM.K.Gandhi , Chandrakant Kaji (Compiled) 50
2726My GodM.K.Gandhi5
2827Pathway to GodM.K.Gandhi , M.S. Deshpande (Compiled)15
1046Quotes of GandhiShalu Bhalla (Complited)395
3029Panchayat RajM.K.Gandhi , R.K. Prabhu (Compiled)10
3130Self-Restraint V. Self-IndulgenceM.K.Gandhi50
3231The Mind of Mahatma GandhiR.K. Prabhu , U.R. Rao (Compiled) 100
3332The Way to Communal HarmonyM.K.Gandhi , U.R.Rao (Compiled) 100
3433Satyagraha in South AfricaM.K.Gandhi 35
3534The Law and the LawyersM.K.Gandhi , S.B.Kher (Compiled) 40
3635The New Indian StatesM.K.Gandhi , R.K.Prabhu (Compiled)2
3736The Message of the GitaM.K.Gandhi5
3837The Story of My LifeM.K.Gandhi ,B. Kumarappa (Abri.)20
3938The Moral Basis of VagetarianismM.K.Gandhi10
4039Truth is GodM.K.Gandhi , R.K.Prabhu (Compiled) 40
4140Towards New EducationM.K.Gandhi , B. Kumarappa (Compiled) 25
4241TrusteeshipM.K.Gandhi , R.Kelekar (Compiled)10
4342Ruskin`s `Unto this Last `: A Paraphrase M.K.Gandhi , V.G.Desai (Translated)7
4443Village SwarajM.K.Gandhi , H.M.Vyas (Compiled)60
4544Village IndustriesM.K.Gandhi10
4645What is HinduismM.K.Gandhi60
4746Ashram Observances in ActionM.K.Gandhi , V.G.Desai (Translated)15
4847To StudentsM.K.Gandhi , B.Kumarappa (ed.)50
5049The Gospel of Selfless Action or Gita According to GandhiMahadev Desai150
5150Ethical Religion: Niti DharmaM.K.Gandhi 10
5251Non-violence in Peace and War Vol. 1 & 2M.K.Gandhi , Mahadev Desai (Compiled)
5352Epigrams from GandhijiS.R. Tikekar90
5453A Thought For The DayA. T. Hingorani (Translated)175
5554Essantial Works of Mahatma GandhiShashi Ahluwalia , Meenakshi Ahluwalia500
5655The Gandhi ReaderHomer A. Jack150
5756Selections from GandhiNirmal Kumar Bose75
5857Mahatma Gandhi: Letters to Americans E.S. Reddy (ed.)300
5958Dictionary of Gandhian ThoughtsA.N. Kapoor & V.P. Gupta275
6059The Quintessence of Gandhi in His Own WordsShakti Batra (Compiled)300
6160Thus Spake Bapu or Dialogues Between Gandhi`s Spirit and the Scribe M.L. Gujral120
6261Essential Writings of Mahatma GandhiRaghavan Iyer375
6362Quotes of GandhiShalu Bhalla (Compiled)175
6463All are Equal in the Eyes of GodMahatma Gandhi25
6564Gandhi Album: His Life in PicturesPublications Division400
6665Mahatma Gandhi Album:His Life in PicturesPublications Division175
6766Gandhi on WomenPushpa Joshi200
6867My Non-violenceM.K.Gandhi , S.K. Bandopadhaya (Compiled)70
6968Christian Missions, Their Place in India Bharatan Kumarappa (ed.)50
7069Sarvodaya (The Welfare of All)M.K.Gandhi , Bharatan Kumarappa (ed.)40
7170Sarvodaya : Its Principles and Programme M.K.Gandhi10
7271Mahatma Gandhi : His Life with Pictures P.B.Gandhi Study Centre50
7372Mahatma Gandhi : His Life with Pictures H.B. Gandhi Study Centre80
7473Thus Spoke Gandhi (Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi) H.B.Ramesh Bhardwaj (Compiled) 150
7574The Message of Mahatma GandhiU.S. Mohan Rao (Com. & ed.) 50
7675The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Volumes 1 to100 M.K.Gandhi (set)10000.00
7776 Gandhi for 21st Century: Gems from The Mahatma, Vol.1 to 24 A.T. Hingorani (set) 600.00
7876 Vol.1 God is Truth
7976 Vol.2 Food for the Soul
8076 Vol.3 The Law of Love
8176 Vol.4 The Science of Satyagraha
8276 Vol.5 The Teaching of the Gita
8376 Vol.6 The Message of Jesus Christ
8476 Vol.7 The Law of Continence
8576 Vol.8 Through Self-Control
8676 Vol.9 The Role of Women
8776 Vol.10 The Hindu-Muslim Unity
8876 Vol.11 None High: None Low
8976 Vol.12 My Varnashrama Dharma
9076 Vol.13 Our Language Problem
9176 Vol.14 The Village Reconstruction
9276 Vol.15 Man vs. Machine
9376 Vol.16 The Gospel of Swadeshi
9476 Vol.18 My Theory of Trusteeship
9576 Vol.19 Madern vs. Ancient Civilization
9676 Vol.20 My Views on Education
9776 Vol.21 Why Fear or Mourn Death ?
9876 Vol.22 Service Before Self
9976 Vol.23 To My Countrymen
10076 Vol.24 On Myself
10177Mahatma: Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Vol.1 to 8D.G.Tendulkar(set) 604.00
10278Day to Day with Gandhi: Secretary Mahadev Desai`s Diary, Vol. 1 to 9N.D. Parikh(ed.) (set) 360.00
10379Young India, Vol. 1 to 14M.K.Gandhi (set) 8000.00
10480The Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi Vol. 1 to 5 Shriman , Narayan(ed.) (set) 150.00
10580Vol. 1 An Autobiography
10680Vol. 2 Satyagraha in South Africa
10780Vol. 3 The Basic Works
10880Vol. 4 Selected Letters
10980Vol. 5 The Voice of Truth
11081Facets of Mahatma Gandhi (Vol.1 to 4)Subrata Mukherjee , S.Ramaswamy (eds.) (set) 2000.00
11181Vol. 1 Non-violence and Satyagraha
11281Vol. 2 Political Ideas
11381Vol. 3 Economic and Social Principles
11481Vol. 4 Ethics, Religion and Culture
11582Thoughts of Mahatma (Vol. 1 to 5)K.S. Bharati (set)1500.00
11682 Vol.1 The Philosophical Foundations of Gandhian Thought
11782 Vol. 2 The Political Thought of Gandhi
11882 Vol. 3 The Economic Thought of Gandhi
11982 Vol. 4 The Social Thought of Gandhi
12082 Vol. 5 The Quintessence and Chronology of Gandhi
12183Mahatma Gandhi: Vol.I,The Early Phase Pyarelal 250
12284Mahatma Gandhi: Vol. II (The Discovery of Satyagraha - On the Threshold) Pyarelal 500
12385Mahatma Gandhi: Vol. III (The Birth of Satyagraha - From Petitioning to Passive Resistance) Pyarelal 250
12486Mahatma Gandhi: (Satyagraha at Work) Vol. IV Sushila Nayar400
12587Mahatma Gandhi: Vol. V (India Awakened)Sushila Nayar 400
12688Mahatma Gandhi:Vol. VI (Salt Satyagraha:The Watershed)Sushila Nayar 400
12789Mahatma Gandhi: Vol.VII (Preparing for Swaraj)Sushila Nayar500
12890Mahatma Gandhi: Vol.VIII (Final Fight For Freedom)Sushila Nayar 500
12991Mahatma Gandhi: The Last Phase, Vol.IX &X (Parts 1 & 2)Pyarelal (Set)1100.00
13092Mahtma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru: A Historical Partnership 1916-1948 (Vol. 1 to 4) Madhu Limaye 1185
13193C.F.Andrews:The Gandhian Thought (Vol.1 to 4)S.R.Bakshi (ed.) 1500
13294In Search of the Supreme( Vol.1to3)M.K Gandhi , V.B. Kher (Compiled)250
13395Gandhian Alternative (Vol.1 to 5)R.P. Misra , K.D.Gangrade (ed.)3000
13495Vol.1 Towards Gandhian World Order
13595Vol.2 Nonviolance in Action
13695Vol.3 Socio-Political Thoughts
13795Vol.4 Economics Where People Matter
13895Vol.5 Education for Human Development
13996Birth of Free India`s National Anthem:A Gift from Netaji Subhas BoseY.P.Anand (Compiled)25
14097The Essential Relationship between Netaji Subhas Bose and Mahatma Gandhi: The Supreme Martyrs in India`s Freedom StruggleY.P.Anand (Compiled)25
14198What Mahatma Gandhi Said About The Atom BombY.P.Anand (Compiled)5
14299Into the Sun: An AutobiographyRamadevi Choudhuri 100
143100Pietermaritzburg Railway Station:The Start of the Journey from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi National Gandhi Museum20
144101The Little Princess and the BirdsNational Gandhi Museum20
145102Exploring GandhiManmohan Choudhuri90
146103Gandhiji in South Africa: The Journey From Mohandas to Mahatma (The Birth of Satyagraha)Y.P. Anand (Compiled)5
147104Mahatma Gandhi The JournalistS.N. Bhattacharyya25
148105Gandhi`s Social PhilosophyB.N. Ganguli450
149106Atom Bomb and Humanity Y.P. Anand (Compiled)5
150107A Pictorial Biography of Mother Kasturba GandhiY.P. Anand (Compiled)6
151108In Defence of Freedom : Exciting Times and Quiet MeditationsAmlan Datta125
152109Gandhiji`s Lost Jewel Harilal GandhiNilam Parikh135
153110The Last Phase of M.Gandhi (Brochure) Y.P. Anand (Compiled)5
154111Mahatma Gandhi in Cartoons Y.P. Anand (Compiled)5
155112The Life of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (The Nonviolent Revolutionary)Y.P. Anand (Compiled)25
156113Selected Conversations of Vinoba Bhave (Nov.1969 to Dec.1971 ) Kusum Deshpande (ed.) , Vishwanath Tandon (Translator)95
157114Gandhian Sarvodaya : Realizing a Realistic Utopia Thomas Vettickal150
158115Gita and Gandhiji ( Revised Edition)Ramesh S. Betai450
159116M.Gandhi and His ContemporariesY.P. Anand (Compiled)5
160117M.Gandhi on Lord Buddha and Buddhism Y.P. Anand (Compiled)15
161118Selections from Writings and Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi on ChildrenNational Gandhi Museum 15
162119Selections from VinobaVishwanath Tandon170
163120Heart-Beats of India C.F. Andrews` Articles in Foreign Periodicals E.S. Reddy (ed.)495
164121Gandhi as we have Known HimLavanam Gora , Mark Lindley150
165122National Gandhi Museum: At A GlanceNational Gandhi Museum5
166123Dandi March & Salt SatyagrahaNational Gandhi Museum 15
167124Albert Einstein and Mahatma GandhiY.P. Anand (Compiled)100
168125Studies in Gandhian Thought and Marxism Vishwanath Tandon125
169126The African Element in GandhiAnil Nauriya290
170127Mahatma Gandhi and Satyagraha A CompendiumY.P. Anand (Compiled)75
171128Friends of GandhiE.S. Reddy , Holger Terp540
172129The Editor Gandhi and Indian Opinion National Gandhi Museum 60
173130Selected Conversation of Vinoba Bhave Kusum Deshpande (ed.), Vishwanath , Tandon (Translator)225
174131Gandhi: In the Mirror of Foreign Scholars J.S. Mathur (ed.)720
175132Gandhi Wrote to His Sons and Daughters-in-Law "Be Fragrant Whereve You Be"Nilam Parikh (H.B.)200
176133Gandhi Wrote to His Sons and Daughters-in-Law "Be Fragrant Whereve You Be"Nilam Parikh (P.B.)120
177134The Story of Satyagraha -IN PHOTOGRAPHS-Varsha Das90
178135National Week : April 6 - April 13 Marking the Awakening of India National Gandhi Museum (Compiled)70
179136Mahatma Gandhi:100 YearsS. Radhakrishnan(ed.) 250
180137Pilgrim Centenary:A RemembranceSantha Rungachar 30
181138Sage in Revolt: A RemembrancePran Chopra30
182139Thus Spake Bapu or Dialogues between Gandhi's Spirit and the ScribeM. L. Gujral 120
183140Peace Education or Education for Peace (H.B)Devi Prasad 100
184141Peace Education or Education for Peace (P.B)Devi Prasad50
185142Handbook for SatyagrahisNarayan Desai25
186143Nonviolent Revolution in IndiaGeoffrey Ostergaard 180
187144Hind Swaraj: A Fresh LookNageshwar Prasad 120
188145Essays In Gandhian Economics(H.B)Romesh Diwan 155
189146Essays In Gandhian Economics (P.B)& Mark Lutz (ed.)72
190147Trusteeship:The Gandhian AlternativeJ. D. Sethi120
191148Political Philosophy of Mahtma Gandhi Gopinath Dhawan230
192149Nonviolence:A Reader in the Ethics of ActionDoris A.Hunter , Krishna Mallick360
193150Mahatma Gandhi: An American ProfileSrimati Kamala120
194151My Encounter with GandhiR.R. Diwakar90
195152Men against WarNicholas Gillett150
196153Conflict Resolution and Gandhian Ethics Thomas Weber230
197154Gandhi and Communal HarmonyAsghar Ali , Engineer (ed.)355
198155Legacy and Future of NonviolenceMahendra Kumar , Peter Low (eds.)395
199156Directory of Gandhian Constructive WorkersK. Balasubramaniam (Comp.)225
200157Goodness: The Gandhian Way of LifeNisha Bala Tyagi225
201158Planning with the Poor : The Nonviolent Experiment of Danilo Dolci in Sicily Eliana Riggio, Chaudhari450
202159Mother India`s March to Liberty K.S. Narayana Swamy 50
203160Gandhi`s Campaign Against UntouchabilityBaren Ray295
204161Everyone`s GandhiRita Roy100
205162New Technology a Gandhian Concept Ram K.Vepa50
206163Mahatma Gandhi's World - ViewM.P. Mathai250
207164An Atheist with GandhiGora (G.Rmachandra Rao)5
208165Apostle John and GandhiS.P.K. Gupta125
209166Gandhi and South Africa,1914-1948E.S.Reddy &Gopalkrishna Gandhi (eds.)350
210167M.K. Gandhi:Author, Journalist,Printer,PublisherAnu Bandyopadhyaya 10
211168Gandhi for the New GenerationGunvant Shah12
212169The Story of Militant But Non-violent Trade UnionismV.B.Kher200
213170Under the Shelter of BapuBalwant Singh 3.5
214171Change Without Violence:Gandhian Theory of Social ChangeT.K.N.Unnithan25
215172Gandhian Approach to Social WorkParmeshwari Dayal60
216173Gandhian Values for Higher Eduacation T.K.N.Unnithan70
217174Theory and Praxis of Environmentalism: Green Plus GandhiPravin N.Sheth35
218175Non violence in Medical ScienceLarry Dossey40
219176The Way is the Goal : Gandhi TodayJohan Galtung150
220177Bapu: A Unique Association (Vol.I to IV) (Vol. I out of print)Ghanshyamdas Birla10
221178Bliss was it to be Young with GandhiNarayan Desai35
222179Gandhism in Indian PoliticsSushil K.Bhattacharyya250
223180Mahatma Gandhi, the Sole Hope & AlternativeSheshrao, Chavan(ed.)225
224181Mahatma Gandhi: Reflections of his Personality and TeachingsJawaharlal Nehru20
225182Mahatma Gandhi : The Beloved PatientDinshah K. Mehta90
226183Mahatma Gandhi : The Beloved Patient (H.B)Dinshah K.Mehta110
227184Prelude to the Search of TruthJ.R Kokandakar50
228185Quest for GandhiG. Ramachandran & T.K. Mahadevan18
229186The Life of Mahatma GandhiLouis Fischer395
230187The New India of My DreamsA.T. Hingorani30
231188Matchless Weapon: SatyagrahaJames K. Mathews70
232189Towards SwadeshiG.D. Birla12
233190Contemporary Crisis and GandhiRamashray Roy400
234191Correspondence Between Sarojini Naidu and Mahatma GandhiE.S. Reddy120
235192Wit and Wisdom of Mahatma GandhiN.B.Sen400
236193Educational Ideas & Ideals of Gandhi and TagoreR.S. Mani350
237194What Gandhi Means to Me Benjamin Puetter (ed.)250
238195M.K. Gandhi: Political Thinker of Modern IndiaVerinder Grover600
239196Gandhian Thoughts: Marxist InterpretationSubrata Mukherjee175
240197Gandhi`s Trusteeship: Concept and RelevanceArchana Kapoor110
241198Gandhian Myth in English Literature in IndiaB.A. Pathan125
242199Gandhi and Politics in IndiaVerinder Grover175
243200Gandhi, Gandhism and the Partition of IndiaM.M. Sankhdher100
244201Gandhi and Democratic Decentralization in IndiaM.L. Sharma125
245202Gandhi As a SocialistM.L. Sharma150
246203Understanding Gandhi TodayM.M. Sankhdher300
247204Gandhian Economics: A Human ApproachRashmi Sharma350
248205Gandhi and the World OrderRamjee Singh , S.Sundaram (eds.)500
249206Mahatma Gandhi 125 YearsB.R. Nanda (eds.)600
250207Gandhi: A Pictorial BiographyB.R. Nanda80
251208Mahatma Gandhi: A Biography (Abridged)B.R. Nanda250
252209Mahatma Gandhi: A Biography (Unabridged)B.R. Nanda375
253210Gandhi and His CriticsB.R. Nanda175
254211In Gandhi`s Footsteps: The Life and Times of Jamnalal BajajB.R. Nanda260
255212Gandhi: Pan-Islamism,Imperialism and NationlismB.R. Nanda395
256213Making of A Nation: India`s Road to IndependenceB.R. Nanda195
257214In Search of GandhiB.R. Nanda595
258215Three Statesmen : Gokhale, Gandhi And NehruB.R.Nanda645
259216Gandhian Values & 20th Century ChallengesJ.D. Sethi20
260217Gandhi in ChamparanD.G. Tendulkar35
261218Gandhi: His Life and ThoughtsJ.B. Kripalani220
262219Gandhi Ordained in South AfricaJ.N. Uppal165
263220Gandhi the Man and his ThoughtShriman Narayan25
264221Let Us Know GandhijiU.R. Rao30
265222Mahatma Gandhi: A ChronologyK.P.Goswami (Compiled)100
266223Mahatma Gandhi: A Great Life in BriefVincent Sheean23
267224Mahatma Gandhi and One WorldS.Radhakrishnan,et al20
268225Mahtma Gandhi as a StudentJ.M. Upadhyaya35
269226Romain Rolland & Gandhian CorrespondencePublications Division87
270227Significance of Gandhi as a Man and ThinkerK.G. Saiyidain25
271228Pen Portraits & Tributes by GandhijiU.S. Mohan Rao (ed.)23
272229Voluntary Action & Gandhian ApproachD.K. Oza26
273230Gandhi and His DisciplesJayant Pandya35
274231Gandhi: A LifeKrishna Kripalani55
275232Freedom at MidnightDominique Lapierre , Larry Collins425
276233Gandhi`s First Step: Champaran MovementShankar , Dayal Singh575
277234Gandhi against the TideAntony Copley125
278235Gandhian Holistic EconomicsShashi Prabha Sharma200
279236Gandhian Perspective on Population and DevelopmentA.K.Sharma350
280237Gandhian Model of Development & World PeaceR.P. Misra200
281238Conflict Resolution through Non-Violence(Vol. 1 & 2) R.P. Misra , K.D. Gangrade (set) 400.00
282239Social Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi K.S. Bharathi (eds.)160
283240Gandhian Humanism Mohit Chakrabarti200
284241Gandhian SpiritualismMohit Chakrabarti240
285242Economic Philosophy of Mahatma GandhiShanti , Swarup Gupta400
286243Gandhi between Tradition and ModernityMadhuri Wadhwa150
287244Gandhi and his Social ThoughtS.R. Bakshi150
288245Gandhi and SwarajS.H. Patil100
289246Rediscovering Gandhi (P.B)Yogesh Chadha250
290247Gandhi: Hind Swaraj and other Writings AnthonyJ.Parel (ed.)125
291248Impact of Gandhi on Rural Development and Social ChangeK.D.Sharma425
292249Mahatma Gandhi: The New Economic AgendaP.C. Joshi295
293250Mahatma Gandhi`s Last Imprisonment: The Inside StorySushila Nayar495
294251The Philosophical Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi S.K.Kim 395
295252India without GandhiMushtaq Naqvi200
296253Gandhi and the CongressS.R. Bakshi540
297254Studies on GandhiV.T. Patil (ed.)200
298255Mahatma Gandhi and his Impact on MauritiusPahlad Ramsurrun300
299256Gandhian Thought: A Study of Tradition and ModernityM.Maharajan300
300257Gandhi and the Future of HumanityRamjee Singh650
301258Roosevelt, Gandhi, ChurchillM.S. Venkataramani , B.K. Shrivastava500
302259Winning FreedomP.Rathnaswamy195
303260World Religion and GandhiK.N.Tiwari160
304261Religion, Morality and Politics according to Mahatma GandhiL.G. Prasad180
305262Gandhian Philosophy of SarvodayaS.N. Sinha180
306263Gandhiji: An Immortal InstitutionK. Balan80
307264Gandhian ReligionMohit Chakrabarti200
308265Manu, Gandhi, Ambedkar and other EssaysMadhu Limaye250
309266Self Education:A Gandhian Perspective Bernd Pflug250
310267Comparative Ethics of Gandhi & KantD.Prem Kumari300
311268Gandhi to Gandhi: Private Faces of Public FiguresAnsar Harvani375
312269Social, Moral and Religious Philosophy of Mahatma GandhiD.K. Dutta50
313270B.R. Ambedkar, Gandhi & Tagore: A Comparative Study of EducationJ.J. Shukla600
314271Gandhism and Indian English FictionV.T. Patil & H.V. Patil350
315272Bahuroope GandhiAnu Bandyopadhyaya 12
316273Mahatma Gandhi and the Civil Disobedience Movement (1930-34)V.T. Patil275
317274Mahatma GandhiAnant Pai25
318275Never Gandhi Not Again: The Song of Mahatma GandhiOmesh Saigal110
319276Sabarmati To Dandi: Gandhi`s Non-Violent March and the RajJyotsna Tewari275
320277Gandhian Approach to Contemporary ProblemsAnil Dutta Mishra(ed.)450
321278Fundamentals of GandhismAnil Dutta Mishra(ed.)195
322279Gandhism after GandhiAnil Dutta Mishra (ed.)495
323280Rediscovering GandhiAnil Dutta Mishra(ed.)495
324281Panchayati Raj: Gandhian PerspectiveAnil Dutta Mishra(ed.)395
325282Challenges of 21st CenturyAnil Dutta Mishra (ed.)595
326283Gandhi the Forgotten MahatmaJ.C. Jain125
327284Gandhi and AnarchyC.Sankaran Nair295
328285Metaphysical Implications of Gandhian ThoughtK.C. Chacko85
329286Gandhian Non-violence: Levels of SatyagrahaMichael , W. Sonnleitner55
330287Gandhi and his AshramsMark Thomson300
331288Mahatama Gandhi Political Saint and Unarmed ProphetDhananjay Keer150
332289Gandhi & South Africa Shanti Sadiq Ali325
333290The Making of Modern India: Rammohun Roy to Gandhi & NehruG.N.S. Raghavan225
334291Gandhi & the Non ConformistsJames D. Hunt390
335292Gandhi in LondonJames D. Hunt550
336293Life and Death of Mahatma GandhiRobert Payne295
337294Gandhi and Global Non-violent TransformationG.S.& D.S.200
338295Gandhian Perspective of Nation BuildingN.Radhakrishnan (ed.)150
339296Gandhian Concept of the Force of Truth (Satyagraha, and Humanistic Secularism) Amalendu Guha10
340297Thoughts on Gandhi and Social ChangeS.N. Dwivedy15
341298Nonviolence in a Violent World: A Gandhian ResponseY.P. Anand20
342299Gandhi: Appropriate Technology and Rural DevelopmentG.S.&D.S.50
343300A Hidden Side of Mahatma GandhiSwami Ranjeet15
344301Gandhi: The Quest for Tolerance and SurvivalN.Radhakrishnan200
345302Message of Gandhi through UniversitiesN. Radhakrishnan350
346303Greatness of Gandhian EraG. Ramachandran25
347304Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian WritersN. Gopalakrishnan Nair25
348305Gandhian Nonviolence: A Trainer`s MannualN.Radhakrishnan100
349306Gandhian Path to DevelopmentK.D. Gangrade20
350307Mahatma Gandhi:125 Years Manmohan Choudhuri, Ramjee Singh (ed.) 200
351308Vinoba on GandhiKantilal Shah (ed.)40
352309Stories From Bapu`s LifeUmashankar Joshi7
353310Gandhian AlternativeSiddharaj Dhadda30
354311The Story of GandhiRajkumari Shanker 35
355312Gandhi, Marx & IndiaPradhan H. Prasad200
356313Gandhi`s Letters of M.H. NazarS. Bhana & J.D. Hunt250
357314Gandhian EducationJoseph C.Mukailel400
358315Gandhi and the Twenty First CenturyRamjee Singh300
359316On The Salt MarchThomas Weber295
360317Gandhian VisionRamjee Singh575
361318Gandhi and the Indian National CongressS.L. Malhotra80
362319Gandhi, Punjab and the PartitionS.L. Malhotra70
363320From Civil Disobedience to Quit IndiaS.L. Malhotra40
364321The Jallianwala Bagh MassacreRaja Ram25
365322Gandhi: An Experiment with Communal PoliticsS.L. Malhotra30
366323Gandhi and the PunjabS.L. Malhotra15
367324The Humanism of M.K. GandhiMulk Raj Anand3
368325Gandhian ThoughtJ.B. Kripalani 8.75
369326Perspectives on Tribal Development (Gandhian Approach to Plan Development) S. Narayan250
370327 Mahtma Gandhi, the Congress and the Partition of IndiaD.C. Jha150
371328In Gandhiji`s MirrorPyarelal , Sushila Nayar325
372329Gandhi: Prisoner of HopeJudith Brown250
373330Mughals, Maharajas & The MahatmaK. R.N. Swamy195
374331Gandhi: A Life RevisitedKrishna Kripalani110
375332Salt Satyagraha in Coastal AndhraC.M. Naidu75
376333 Moral Philosophy of GandhiJaladhar Pal450
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586543A Multi-media CD on Mahatma Gandhi with his voice, film footage, photographs and Collected Works 2500
587544VIDEO FILM - Mahatma Gandhi: Life of Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi (An Abridged Version) Hindi / English500
588545VIDEO FILM - Mahatma Gandhi (Attenborough) Hindi / English550
589546C.D. Rom - Mahatma Gandhi: Life of Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi (An Abridged Version) Hindi / English199
590547C.D. Rom - Mahatma Gandhi (Attenborough) Hindi / English350
591548C.D. Rom- An Audiobook : The Story of My Experiments With Truth250
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593550D.V.D. - SardarHindi / English500
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596553AUDIO: Bapu Ke Priye Bhajan 35
597554AUDIO: Desbhakti Geet35
598555AUDIO: Ai Mere Pyare Vatan35
599556AUDIO: Anmol Bhajan - (Vol.1 to 3) (each) 35.00
600557AUDIO: Ashram Bhajanavali40
601558AUDIO: Indian Independence80
602559AUDIO: Bapu Ki Amar Kahani & Other Patriotic Songs40
603560AUDIO: Vande Mataram50
604561AUDIO: Mere Wattan Ke Logo35
605562AUDIO: Kar Chale Hum Fida40
606563AUDIO: Gandhi Teri Samadhi Per55
607564AUDIO C.D.: Gandhi Teri Samadhi Per100
608565AUDIO C.D Rom- Ishwar Allah Tere Naam390
609566AUDIO : Ishwar Allah Tere Naam150
610567C.D. Rom.- The Poet & The Mahatma450
611568C.D. Rom- Indian Opinion Vol.1 to 91000
612569DVD Rom- Indian Opinion Vol.1 to 3500
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615572DVD Gandhi : A Biography (Hindi) National Gandhi Museum150
616573DVD Mahatma- A Documentary filmViththalbhai Zaveri (Hindi / English)150
617574Gandhi Photo-Colour (In Different Poses) (each)20
618575Gandhi Photo-Colour (Single Pose)10
619576Gandhi Photo - Dandi Yatra20
620577Gandhiji Post Cards Black & White (20 Cards)20
621578Gandhi Photo (B/W)15
622579Gandhi Photo (B/W) 75
623580Gandhi Poster (Gandhi Ke Desh Mein)15
624581Gandhi Photo (Mounted / Laminated) Multi Poses325
625582Gandhi Pen with Quotation (Golden)15
626583Gandhi Pen with Quotation (White)12
627584Gandhi Key Ring 6
628585Gandhi Key Ring 10
6295863- Monkeys250
631588Gandhi Post Card (12 Cards) (B/W)( set ) 75.00
632589Gandhi Post Card (13 Cards)(B/W) ( set ) 50.00
633590Gandhi Post Card (13 Cards)(Colour) ( set ) 50.00
634591Gandhi Photo (B/W)50
635592Gandhi Stamps50
636593Talks on the GitaVinoba35
637594The Essence of the QuranVinoba15
638595The Essence of Christian TeachingsVinoba12
639596Sri Visnu Sahasranaama StotramVinoba20
640597Thoughts on EducationVinoba30
641598Vinoba on GandhiVinoba12
642599Third PowerVinoba25
643600Democratic ValuesVinoba5
644601Steadfast WisdomVinoba10
645602Swaraj SastraVinoba10
646603Ishawasya UpanishadVinoba 2
647604Women`s PowerVinoba 15
648605Vinoba Bhave: The Political Thinkers of Modern IndiaVerinder Grover600
649606The Economy of PermanenceJ.C. Kumarappa20
650607An Apropriate TechnologyJ.C. Kumarappa50
651608The Gandhian CrusaderJ.C. Kumarappa40
652609Gandhi MargJ.C. Kumarappa30
653610Current PerspectiveJ.C. Kumarappa5
654611National Seminar in MadrasJ.C. Kumarappa10
655612Economy of PeaceJ.C. Kumarappa 250
656613Acharya Vinoba BhaveVishwanath Tandon 32
657614Victory to VinobaBryam J.O Borne 225
658615A Saint of The Modern WorldS.V. Govindan10
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669626Jawaharlal Nehru: A Biography Vol.III (1957-1964)Sarvapalli Gopal190
670627Jawaharlal Nehru: Rebel and StatesmanB.R. Nanda195
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676633Nehru for ChildrenM.Chalapathi Rau32
677634Nehru & Indian LiteratureV.N.Tewari40
678635Nehru: A LifeReg.Wright60
679636Selection from NehruGaneswar Mishra , Sarat Chandra Satapathy 32
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682639Jawaharlal Nehru: a Pictorial Biography B.R.Nanda65
683640A Study of NehruRafiq Zakaria195
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685642J.Nehru: Selected Speeches (1946-64) Publications Division1000
686643Jawaharlal Nehru:Role in Freedom StruggleS.R.Bakshi250
687644A Bunch of Old LettersJawaharlal Nehru687
688645Patel: A Life (P.B.)Rajmohan Gandhi 150
689646Sardar Patel Correspondence (Vol.1to 10) Druga Das (set) 400.00
690647Sardar Patel Selected Correspondence,1945-50 (Vol. 1 & 2)V.Shankar (set) 100.00
691648Sadar Vallabhbhai Patel : (Vol. 1 & 2)Narhari D.Parikh (set) 150.00
692649The Peerless SardarGunvant Shah20
693650Sardar Patel Birth Centenary (Vol.1to5)G.M.Nandurkar (set) 125
694650This was Sardar The Commemorative (Vol.1)
695650Sardar Patel- In Tune With the Millions-1( Vol.2)
696650Sardar Patel-In Tune With the Millions-II (Vol.3)
697650Sardar`s Letters- Mostly Unknown-1 (Vol.4)
698650Sardar`s Letters- Mostly Unknown-2 (Vol.5)
699651Sardar Patel Post Centenary Vol.(1 to 3)G.M. Nandurkar ( set ) 90.00
700651Sardar`s Letter- Mostly Unknown Vol.I
701651Sardar`s Letter- Mostly Unknown Vol.II
702651Sardar`s Letter- Mostly Unknown Vol.II
703652Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: From Civic to National LeadershipD. N. Pathak , Pravin N. Sheth60
704653Patel Memorial Lectures (Combined-1955-85)Publications Division 185
705654Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and Comrade Mao Tse-TungRavindra Kumar 275
706655Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: India`s Iron Man B.Krishna195
707656For A United India: Speeches of S. Patel 1947-1950 Publications Division120
708657Subhash Chander Bose: Founder of I.N.A.S.R. Bakshi300
709658Subhash Chander Bose: Political PhilosophySridhar Charan Sahoo600
710659Subhash Chander Bose: Accelerator of India`s IndependenceDaya Mukherjee595
711660Forgotten Images: Reflections and Reminiscenes of Subhash Chandra Bose T.R. Sareen595
712661Subhash Chandra Bose: His Struggle for IndependenceO.P. Ralhan475
713662Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: Perennial Inspiration to the Indian YouthNoor Jahan Siddiqui300
714663Challange to the Empire: A Study of Netaji S.C. Maikap45
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717666Essential Writings of Netaji Subhas Chandra BoseSisir K. Bose, & Sugata Bose295
718667The Quest for Freedom : A Study of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose V.P.Gupta , Mohini Gupta595
719668Subhash Chand BoseGirija K. Mukherjee25
720669Subhas Chandra BoseAnant Pai25
721670Brothers Against The RajLeonard A. Gordon295
722671The Forgotten ArmyPeter Ward Fay250
723672Sharing the Blame: Subhash Chandra Bose and the Japanese Occupation of the Andamans 1942-45T.R. Sareen495
724673From My BonesMemoirs of Col. Gurbakhsh Singh Dhillon950
725674Azad Hind Fauj (I.N.A.) and the Freedom MovementP.S. Ramu 400
726675Story of I.N.A.S.A. Ayer38
727676Freedom Fighters RememberNaveen Joshi (ed.)140
728677History of Freedom Movement in India-Vol.ITara chand75
729677History of Freedom Movement in India-Vol.IITara chand120
730677History of Freedom Movement in India-Vol.IIITara chand100
731677History of Freedom Movement in India-Vol.IVTara chand110
732678India`s Struggle Quarter of a Century (1921-1946) Part-IA.C.Guha75
733678India`s Struggle Quarter of a Century (1921-1946) Part-IIA.C.Guha75
734679Freedom Fighters of IndiaA.Chakravarty 75
735680Freedom Movement in HyderabadVeldurti Manik Rao15
7366811857 (H.B.)Surendra Nath Sen200
7376821857 (P.B.)Surendra Nath Sen150
738683Ranade`s Economic WritingsBipan Chandra450
7396841857 A Pictorial PresentationPublications Division150
740685Quit India MovementP.N.Chopra5
741686Trial of TilakPublications Division80
742687Muslim Struggle for Freedom in British IndiaSyed Razi Wasti400
743688Penal Settlement In AndamansR.C.Majumdar35
744689India Wins FreedomM.A.K. Azad175
745690Bal Gangadhar Tilak: Struggle for Swaraj S.R.Bakshi500
746691Rajagopalachari:Role in Freedom MovementS.R.Bakshi700
747692Sarojini Naidu: Struggle for SwarajS.R.Bakshi450
748693Road to FreedomK.K. Khullar250
749694Andhra Kesari-T. PrakasamT.Surya Narayana Rao70
750695Annie BesantC.P.Ramaswami Aiyar27
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753698Dr. S.RadhakrishnanP. Nagaraja Rao45
754699Ganesh Shankar VidyarthiM.L. Bhargava20
755700Gopal Krishna GokhaleT.R. Deogrikar33
756701Govind Ballabh PantSudhakar Pande50
757702Hakim Ajmal KhanZ.A. Nizami30
758703Indira GandhiB.N. Pande65
759704Jagadis Chandra BoseVisvapriya Mukherji30
760705Keshub Chunder SenArun Kumar Mukherjee25
761706K.KamrajR. Parthasarthi5
762707Lajpat Rai: Life & WorkFeroz Chand65
763708Lal Bahadur ShastriD.R. Mankekar32
764709Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar TilakN.G. Jog46
765710M.A. AnsariMushirul Hasan65
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794739The Saga of our FreedomSurekha Panandiker
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802747Our FlagPublications Division9
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974910FruitsC.J. Modi30
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976912Techniques of MassageS.V. Govinda N.20
977913Food For HealthMoolraj Anand5
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993929Doctor DietOmkar Nath20
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1004940Treasury of Indian Tales-IIShankar34
1005941Legends from Indian HistorySavitri23
1006942Stories from Panchtantra (Deluxe)Shivkumar120
1007943Stories from IndiaMrinalini Sarabhai65
1008944Tales From Indian Classics (Deluxe)Savitri55
1009945Treasury of Indian Tales (Deluxe)Shankar100
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1011947Some Indian BirdsCBT29
1012948Letters from a Father to His DaughterJ.L. Nehru250
1013949Our NeighboursCBT17
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1015951Secrets of Indus ValleyCBT21
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1028964PanchtantraAnant Pai 25
1029965ShivajiAnant Pai 25
1030966NehruAnant Pai 25
1031967Chandra Shekhar AzadAnant Pai 25
1032968Ravindra NathAnant Pai 25
1033969Mangal PandeyAnant Pai 25
1034970Babasaheb AmbedkarAnant Pai 25
1035971Rani JhansiAnant Pai 25
1036972Subhas Chandra BoseAnant Pai 25
1037973Bhagat SinghAnant Pai25
1038974Tales From The Panchatantraand Haksar26
1039975Books ForeverManoj Das8
1040976Mahatma GandhiAmar Chitra Katha25
1041977A Pinch of Salt Rocks An EmpireSarojini Sinha20
1042978Anna Saheb KarveManek B. Laher5
1043979Rabindranath TagoreH.C. Jayal13
1044980Bahuroope GandhiAnu Bandyopadhyaya 12