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     This Library has one of the largest available collection of
     books and documents on Mahatma Gandhi; a fairly large
     collection of  books on  Freedom  Movement in  India 
     (1757-1947), and a large
 'General' section of books on
     Social  Sciences, Humanities, Literature and Nature Cure.
     Its collection has now grown to about 27,000 titles (books)
     and 25,000 photo-copies of letters, telegrams, notes etc.,
     written  by Mahatma  Gandhi to  others  or  by others to  
     Mahatma Gandhi.
     National Gandhi Museum Library
     The library has separate sections 
     for books in English and in each of
     the Indian Languages (Hindi, Urdu, 
     Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi,
     etc). Some books in other  foreign
     languages  are  also available.

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      National Gandhi Museum, Rajghat, New Delhi-110002.
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